The Ghosts of International Adoptions

Tens of thousands of abandoned children were adopted internationally between 1990 and 2004. Many of them are trying to understand their roots but their search can be overwhelming as the Romanian state still hasn't recognized it has failed to protect them.

Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Photos by Bogdan Dincă, Mike Carroll
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23 decembrie 2022

The Summer of David Popovici

Gold medals, records, fame and other stories from the summer of a teenager who became the fastest swimmer of all time.

Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Photos by Matei Buță
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29 august 2022
English, Vești de la DoR

(Updated) The Future of DoR: We’ll Stop Publishing at the End of 2022

We are going through a crisis, by far the most complex we've ever been through. This summer we're downsizing our team and activity to be able to tell the stories we plan to tell by the end of the year.

Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Illustration by Paula Rusu
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15 iulie 2022
The Way of the Land

“Slavery may have ended 166 years ago, but I can still see the hatred today.”

A young Roma woman wrote a play about slavery to show her peers their history because if you hear your own story, you feel it.

Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Illustration by Renata Mihaly
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16 decembrie 2021

The flip side of medals: The line between tough coaching and abuse was blurred in Romanian gymnastics

For over 40 years, during the golden age of Romanian gymnastics, we celebrated the medals won by child-gymnasts and looked away from their pain, fears and sufferings. What if we listened to them more carefully?

Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Collage by Anna Grozavu
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29 septembrie 2020
English, Eseuri

More goals, finer ankles

How we talk to and about women in sports matters.

Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Illustrations by Irina Perju
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7 noiembrie 2019
English, Reportaje

Something to Last Forever

In the Popa family, Sorin is the father, Loredana is the mother, and Huntington is the genetic disease that irreversibly changed their lives.

Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Photos by Andrei Pungovschi
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17 martie 2019
English, Reportaje


In a shelter for victims of human trafficking, ten girls try to start a new life.

Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Proofread by Tara Skurtu
Photos by Octavian Coman
Illustration by Tuan Nini
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1 septembrie 2016
Ilustrație Simona Halep pe terenul de tenis.

Simona Halep, a point by point champion

How Simona Halep found the balance she needed to shine on the court.

Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Photos by Cătălin Georgescu
Illustration by Mircea Drăgoi
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19 august 2014

Fabrica 272

Cum am crescut într-o fabrică din China și cum mi-am găsit vocea dincolo de ea.

Traducere de Oana Gavrilă
Ilustrații de Ioana Șopov
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21 iunie 2014