Reportaje, English

In Search of the Lost Pulse

In Sibiu, a team of foreign doctors repairs children’s hearts thanks to donors, as the state fails to protect its most vulnerable citizens.

Fotografii de Adrian Câtu
Translated by Anca Bărbulescu
Timp de citire: 24 de minute
7 decembrie 2019
Eseuri, English

Beyond the Silence, Beyond the Violence

Although for 20 years now we’ve been trying to help women in Romania feel safer, being a victim is still more shameful than being an aggressor. This has to change.

Ilustrații de Tuan Nini
Translated by Ana Mănescu
Timp de citire: 26 de minute
7 noiembrie 2019
Eseuri, English

More goals, finer ankles

How we talk to and about women in sports matters.

Ilustrații de Irina Perju
Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Timp de citire: 15 minute
7 noiembrie 2019
Reportaje, English

Fear Was Already Here

What do Romanian teenage girls have to say about safety and gender violence and who do they talk to about it?

Photos by Andreea Cristea, Anca Țintea, Irisz Kovacs, Matei Bumbuț
Ilustrații de Andreea Cristea, Elena Smîntînă
Translated by Miruna Marin
Timp de citire: 32 de minute
1 noiembrie 2019
Eseuri, English

Gender disparity: me and my husband

Daily excerpts on gender dynamics in Romania.

Collage by Oana Barbonie
Timp de citire: 3 minute
24 septembrie 2019
Reportaje, English

Something to last forever

In the Popa family, Sorin is the father, Loredana is the mother, and Huntington is the genetic disease that irreversibly changed their lives.

Photos by Andrei Pungovschi
Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Timp de citire: 32 de minute
17 martie 2019
Eseuri, English

The Last Daughter

I looked into my family’s history and my hometown of Suceava for answers to the conversations I never had with my mother and grandmother.

Translated by Ioana Burtea
Colaje de Oana Barbonie
Fotografii din arhiva familiei
Timp de citire: 34 de minute
12 martie 2019
Portrete, English


The peace of being yourself somewhere far away or the familiar chaos of being at home. Which would you choose?

Portrait by Matei Buță
Photos by Tiberiu Căpudean
Translated by Emmet Cooke
Timp de citire: 16 minute
3 martie 2019
Actualizator, English

In a relationship, one person makes the other

A conversation with therapist Esther Perel about the modern couple, the polarizations within it, and a way out of them.

Photos by Roald Aron
Timp de citire: 10 minute
1 noiembrie 2018

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