The Ghosts of International Adoptions

Tens of thousands of abandoned children were adopted internationally between 1990 and 2004. Many of them are trying to understand their roots but their search can be overwhelming as the Romanian state still hasn't recognized it has failed to protect them.

Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Photos by Bogdan Dincă, Mike Carroll
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23 decembrie 2022

„It’s my job to keep the patients calm”

An Indian doctor from Ukraine has become a facilitator for refugees in Romania in need of free health services.

Photos by Bogdan Dincă
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16 decembrie 2022

Bystander Victims: Facing The Trauma Of Children Who Witness Domestic Violence

Children who live amid domestic abuse are at serious risk of long-term physical and mental health problems. It's imperative we start to look deeply at these long-term effects because violence is passed down from generation to generation. A close-up investigation from Romania.

Illustrations by Tuan Nini
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2 decembrie 2022

The Summer of David Popovici

Gold medals, records, fame and other stories from the summer of a teenager who became the fastest swimmer of all time.

Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Photos by Matei Buță
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29 august 2022
English, Vești de la DoR

(Updated) The Future of DoR: We’ll Stop Publishing at the End of 2022

We are going through a crisis, by far the most complex we've ever been through. This summer we're downsizing our team and activity to be able to tell the stories we plan to tell by the end of the year.

Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Illustration by Paula Rusu
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15 iulie 2022
English, Reportaje

David Popovici wants to be the world’s best swimmer and has every chance

In the pool, the 17-year-old athlete is a phenomenon. On the sidelines, he had the right people who knew how to nurture his talent and encouraged his personality instead of molding him to fit a template.

Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Photos by Matei Buță
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18 iunie 2022

How We Give Birth in Romania

What the medical birth system in Romania looks like, criticized by mothers, doctors, and midwives alike, without any of them listening to one another.

Photos by Alexandra Dincă
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25 februarie 2022
Portret cu Lica

We Hadn’t Planned to Die This Year

Lica and Zamfirică were married for over 50 years. They raised a family, built a home, and had a good life. Then the pandemic took him.

Photos by Cătălin Georgescu
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15 februarie 2022

Some Family Doctors Do Everything that’s Expected of Them, and More. Others Don’t. Why?

When the state, doctors and patients are after each other’s mistakes, everybody loses.

Photos by Ioana Moldovan
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11 februarie 2022

Who Am I in the World?

Until I was 25 years old, I was convinced that I’m just a label of my ethnicity and that my world was predestined to remain between 4 walls of dirty glass. Then I left.

Photos from the author's personal archive
Photo by Sara Carabantes
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11 noiembrie 2021

“Everyone smiles here. Except the Romanians”

Conditions for Romanians at meat factories in Germany were bad before COVID-19 infected thousands at these sites. But could the shattering impact of the pandemic improve their working environment?

Photos by Lina Verschwele
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31 ianuarie 2021

Botoșani: Land of goodbyes

Welcome to the Romanian region that expects its residents to live and work abroad.

Photos by Michael Bird
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26 noiembrie 2020
English, Reportaje

How the pandemic brought labor rights out of the cold

Romanian union leaders are defending key workers from wage cuts in industries under threat from outbreaks of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom.

Photos by Valentin Raicea
Data vizualization by Răzvan Zamfira
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29 octombrie 2020

I speak to know I’m not alone

If you can’t even trust your own family to raise you in safety, how can you believe in anything? How do you live your life?

Illustrations by Andreea Cristea
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27 octombrie 2020

The flip side of medals: The line between tough coaching and abuse was blurred in Romanian gymnastics

For over 40 years, during the golden age of Romanian gymnastics, we celebrated the medals won by child-gymnasts and looked away from their pain, fears and sufferings. What if we listened to them more carefully?

Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Collage by Anna Grozavu
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29 septembrie 2020
English, Eseuri, The Way of the Land

The power of racism, its trauma, and the road to healing

To heal on a societal level is to recognize and repent, so that we can begin to imagine a future in which no one has to feel the painful effects of racism.

Ilustrație de Tuan Nini
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11 mai 2020

“Until we are able to gas them like the Nazis, the Roma will infect the nation:” Roma and the ethnicization of COVID-19 in Romania

Amid fears of the global spread of COVID-19, Romanian society fails to keep racism towards Roma at bay.

Illustrations by Tuan Nini
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22 aprilie 2020
English, Reportaje

In Search of the Lost Pulse

In Sibiu, a team of foreign doctors repairs children’s hearts thanks to donors, as the state fails to protect its most vulnerable citizens.

Translated by Anca Bărbulescu
Photos by Adrian Câtu
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7 decembrie 2019