Gender disparity: me and my husband

Daily excerpts on gender dynamics in Romania.

Something to last forever

In the Popa family, Sorin is the father, Loredana is the mother, and Huntington is the genetic disease that irreversibly changed their lives.

The Last Daughter

I looked into my family’s history and my hometown of Suceava for answers to the conversations I never had with my mother and grandmother.


The peace of being yourself somewhere far away or the familiar chaos of being at home. Which would you choose?

In a relationship, one person makes the other

A conversation with therapist Esther Perel about the modern couple, the polarizations within it, and a way out of them.

Simona Halep gets her break

In her struggle to become the world’s number one, Simona Halep’s toughest opponent was herself.

Earthquake in the Vulnerable City

A massive earthquake will hit Bucharest. It is only a matter of time and there is nothing we can do to prevent it.

Attention Deficit

Last fall, a few kids from Pitesti teamed up against a classmate they were afraid of. Nobody won, but everyone lost.

Citizens’ Fitness

Elena Calistru and Funky Citizens are training a new generation in active citizenship.