Simona Halep gets her break

In her struggle to become the world’s number one, Simona Halep’s toughest opponent was herself.

Translated by Craig Turp
Photography by Matei Buță
Ilustrații de Dan Ungureanu
Timp de citire: 29 de minute
22 decembrie 2017

Earthquake in the Vulnerable City

A massive earthquake will hit Bucharest. It is only a matter of time and there is nothing we can do to prevent it.

Translated by Craig Turp
Timp de citire: 37 de minute
9 august 2017

Attention Deficit

Last fall, a few kids from Pitesti teamed up against a classmate they were afraid of. Nobody won, but everyone lost.

Ilustrații de Tuan Nini
Translated by Andrew K. Davidson
Timp de citire: 36 de minute
24 aprilie 2017
Portrete, English

Citizens’ Fitness

Elena Calistru and Funky Citizens are training a new generation in active citizenship.

Photography by Ioana Moldovan
Translated by Andrew K. Davidson
Timp de citire: 19 minute
27 martie 2017


What happened on the night of October 30th.

Translated by Ioana Pelehatăi
Proofread by Margot Miller
Timp de citire: 37 de minute
15 decembrie 2016
Reportaje, English


In a shelter for victims of human trafficking, ten girls try to start a new life.

Photography by Octavian Coman
Translated by Oana Gavrilă
Proofread by Tara Skurtu
Ilustrație de Tuan Nini
Timp de citire: 37 de minute
1 septembrie 2016
Portrete, English

Cristina Neagu: An 8 Worth a 10

How Cristina Neagu regained her place in the lead of world-class handball.

Photography by Mircea Roșca
Translated by Anca Bărbulescu
Proofread by Tara Skurtu
Timp de citire: 31 de minute
17 martie 2016

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